About LPi

Our Mission

To equip our customers with communication solutions and management tools that increase their center engagement so they can focus on their mission.

About Us

LPi is a multi-faceted communications company offering customized communication solutions backed by industry-leading customer service throughout the United States. Family owned since 1972, LPi continues to evolve serving our customers’ needs through the latest communications offerings: advertiser-supported printed newsletters, state-of-the-art branding and design, center management software systems, website design, event and donation management, digital advertising packages, and other printed materials.

Over 45 years of experience, financial stability, and quality standards enable us to work successfully with more than 5,000 customers as well as 120,000 businesses nationwide. Organizations rely on us to make their jobs easier, create a bridge within their community, and market themselves more effectively. Businesses use our services to directly reach and interact with their target audiences and grow their customer base.

A member of NCOA and many state associations, LPI’s Senior Division continues to expand our non-profit reach geographically. We now serve over 650 centers and other non-profit agencies throughout the U.S. Working with many state agencies and associations, we’re growing at a rate of over 30% per year.

LPi has regional offices and state-of-the-art digital print centers in Milwaukee, WI; Cleveland, OH; Hartford, CT; Winter Haven, FL; Dallas, TX; and Las Vegas, NV.

LPi's Model for a Vibrant Center


Is the newsletter really free?

YES, IT IS. In fact, we are already providing FREE newsletters to over 650 senior centers across the country. They’re not just newsletters but beautiful, full-color publications with all the room you need to share your upcoming activities, happenings, and the photos that best tell your unique community story to both members and those considering joining your center.

What’s the catch?

THERE ISN’T ONE. We’ve been selling advertiser-supported publications for over 45 years. So we know how to deliver a newsletter at no cost to your community. We do it by selling advertising to those in your local community who would like to get their message to your audience. It’s that simple. We handle all aspects of the advertising placed in your newsletter—from sales to design and billing— so you can focus on the important job of running your center and making a difference in your community.

Will this really work?

ABSOLUTELY. A colorful, advertiser-supported newsletter helps you cost effectively reach out regularly to those seniors near your center who are not yet participating. You have great activities and events planned every month. But if you don’t tell people what they are missing, how will they ever know? When you tell them who you are and highlight how your center is positively impacting lives with stories and photos of fun-filled activities, they will be more likely to consider joining you for one of your upcoming events.

What if we already have a newsletter?

IS IT WORKING? If your existing newsletter is helping you build your community every month and you have enough funding to execute your programming vision, then congratulations … you are a leader in your field! However, if you are spending too much staff time, allocating money you’d rather use to create community for your seniors, or publishing something that is simply a black and white calendar, then we need to talk. Our newsletter service can help you make an even bigger difference in your community.

Who is LPi? Are you new?

NOT EVEN CLOSE. LPi has more than 40 years of experience serving as the single source for products and services that help create more vibrant senior communities. We offer engagement tools for centers, including ad-supported newsletters, state-of-the-art branding, member management systems, website design, event and donation management, and digital advertising packages.

Where do your customers get their art?

IT’S PART OF THE SERVICE. When you sign up for our newsletter service, in addition to all of the many other ways we help you get started, you receive access to our Senior art & content platform, WeCreate, filled with colorful clip art and relevant articles.