Senior Space Sign-in Screen and Scanner


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Easy-to-navigate screens for both members and staff

Accurate Reporting

Accurate Reporting

Pre-programmed and customizable reports to aid in funding

Class Programming

Class Programming

Quickly create classes and view an interactive schedule

Member Management

Member Management

Easily add, view, and edit member information

Deliver Text & Voice Recorded Messages to Your Members Simultaneously

Does your center have a change of hours due to inclement weather, COVID reopening announcements, or holiday schedule changes? Are you trying to request donations for fundraisers? What about sending out this week’s menu? With Quick Connect, easily create messages and send to thousands of members, volunteers, and staff.

Cell Phone

Member Experience

  • Senior Space screen display of 'Happening Today' schedule


    A colorful screen welcomes members and displays the complete schedule of activities and events that are available at the senior center that day.

  • Senior Space screen display of activities check-in


    With a swipe of their ID card and a few touches on the screen, members can quickly check in for all of the programs they want to attend. Checkmarks and a pop-up message confirms their registration. Then they are ready to enjoy their day!

  • Senior Space screen display of volunteer hours entry


    Members can track their volunteer hours for the day simply by selecting the activity or activities for which they volunteered and then selecting the number of hours, allowing admins to run reports by member to capture the activity.

Admin Experience


    Easily view your center’s schedule for the day, week, or month. The interactive calendar displays activities, space usage, class levels, and more. You can then drill down to view specific information about each class.

    Senior Space screen display of interactive calendar

    Instantly create a new class, activity, or event on a user-friendly screen. Name the class, select an icon to display on the member screen, check the name of the instructor, and pick the location, date, and time. You can even write a description and add a class capacity.

    Senior Space screen display of aerobics class information

    Easy navigation makes it simple to manage current members and add new ones. You can update member information, plus view their activity with quick access to the classes they are currently enrolled in.

    Senior Space screen display of a member profile

Simple Reporting

  • Senior Space screen display of reporting options


    Powerful reporting options include center reports, providing valuable information and insights into how your center is performing, as well as member reports that track individual information, such as check-in activity and volunteer hours. Reports are also available for the optional add-on Transportation and Meals modules.

  • Senior Space screen display of member check-in report


    Run any report you need in order to accurately and efficiently evaluate the activity use of your center, including class categories and membership. You can also create and save customized reports that suit your needs.

  • Senior Space screen display of report exporting options


    All report data can be exported as a CSV file, which you can further sort and organize in Excel or upload to your other systems. This makes it easy for you to acquire funding needed to grow your center and further serve the community.

Resources for Managing Your Center

Programs & Classes People Attend


Resource 'Programs and Classes People Attend' read on tablet

Programs & Classes People Attend

Today’s growing senior population is looking for activities that suit their dynamic lifestyle. And senior centers need classes and programs that pique people’s interest in order to drive enrollment and get adequate funding. So there’s a lot pressure riding on the selection, implementation, and management of your center’s classes. But don’t worry … we offer tips on how to create and manage a successful schedule of classes and events that meet the needs of your current community while also attracting new members.

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Meal Programs That Attract People


Resource 'Meal Programs That Attract People' read on tablet

Meal Programs That Attract People

Your center’s meal program plays an important part in combatting hunger in your community’s senior population. Unfortunately, not everyone in need takes advantage of the program for a variety of reasons, from not being able to afford the suggested donation or not liking the meals being offered to not having access to transportation or not even knowing the program exists. So what can you do to attract more seniors to your congregate meal program? We offer 8 ways to get people in the door and to keep them coming back.

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