Let Us Stand Together During These Challenging Times

We stand with you, with our country, and the world as together we face this global pandemic. During these unprecedented times, LPi stands ready to help. The communication, technology products and services that you use from LPi can serve an even more valuable function during these trying times. We encourage you to use them to their fullest to stay in touch with your members.

Here are some ideas to keep everyone in your community connected over the next few weeks.

1. Continue to Publish a Newsletter.

Even if most or all of your services, activities, and events have been cancelled, we recommend you continue producing a newsletter. We will continue to publish your newsletter on OurSeniorCenter.com where your members will be able to access the digital copy. We have created a special flyer and social media image with tips to staying healthy. Download them here.

Feel free to reduce your quantities or your page count when you submit your content to us. Do you need a smaller number of newsletters in anticipation of fewer attendees, or just a few for your records? Just let us know by writing a comment when you upload your newsletter or give us a call.

2. Encourage Members to Subscribe to your Newsletter.

Your members can easily subscribe to receive your newsletter on OurSeniorCenter.com, and now is a good time to remind them! Members can visit OurSeniorCenter.com, locate your center with the search tool, and click Subscribe to automatically receive an email when a new publication becomes available. Download instructions here to help share the word. Please contact our Customer Service Team for more information.

3. Remember to Leverage WeCreate.

Your subscription to WeCreate is filled with beautiful art and content to inspire and inform your community. Please look at WeCreate weekly to see the new content that you can use in your newsletter, website, and social media.

4. You Can Work from Home.

If you’re going to be working from home, let us know and we can help you get the necessary software set up and configured.

5. Encourage Recurring Online Giving.

As centers are required to close for the time being, the funds you need for your activities and events will dwindle rapidly. If you are a WeShare online giving customer, please call us at (800) 950-9952 and we can help you reach out to your members to remind them of the ease of giving to your center and making payments online.

If you don’t have an online giving provider, you need one today! We are waiving the monthly subscription fee for all new WeShare customers or existing customers that sign up. Reach out to get started!

6. Update Your Website Daily.

Hopefully, you have a website that is easy to update as electronic communication will become even more critical as people stay home and stay away from center services and events. Be sure to keep your website updated with the status of your center and how you’re coping through this crisis. If you are a WeConnect website customer and need help updating your site, please call us at (800) 950-9952.

7. Shop and Support Your Newsletter Sponsors.

Small and medium sized businesses, your sponsors that advertise on the newsletter, will have a difficult time enduring any kind of prolonged public health issue that keeps their customers away. Please encourage and remind your members to support them over the next few months. In turn, know they’re supporting you.

We’re committed to serving you and are simultaneously working to protect our employees and keeping them safe. There are a few changes we’re making to help ensure that we do both. These changes follow the guidance currently being issued by our government.

We likely won’t be stopping by to say hello in the coming weeks; we’ll be calling instead. Our sales team members are being asked to stay at home and limit their travel whenever possible. No plane trips for the foreseeable future and noticeably less driving. This is all being done to limit community spread of the virus. We still, however, are only a phone call or video conference away.

We’re also having some LPi team members work at home. Some of our departments can effectively work at home while still accessing our systems, emails from you, and your phone calls. We’re still here for you but may be picking up your call from the comfort and safety of our homes. Our press locations remain staffed and operational, but less people in those buildings will help protect those that need to be there, and the communities we live in from casual contact and spread of this virus.

These are unprecedented times, but adversity often brings out the best in humanity. Let us support one another during this challenging time.

In solidarity with you all,

Team LPi

Keep Your Center’s Community Connected

Today, many centers step into new territory as they search for ways to communicate with members during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. LPi is here to give you some tips and tricks on keeping your members informed, supported and encouraged in this mini video.