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Meet ePub Design, your new go-to hub for print and digital communication. Eye-catching designs made in minutes.


The challenge

Printed Newsletter vs Digital?

As you create a plan to engage your audience, which tools are best?

Your audience is always growing and changing, and some people prefer digital communication like email, texting, and social media. They find digital messaging to be faster and more effective. But your printed communication plays a distinct role in staying in touch, especially to those who don’t have regular access to email or social media.

How will you reach your audience when some prefer printed but others prefer digital?

How will you effectively reach every member in 2021 and beyond?

Introducing the all new

ePub Design
Create it once, publish it everywhere.
Reach everyone, every time.

Streamline your excellent communications.

One online tool, one easy process, all from one company.

Step 1


Step 1

First create a beautiful publication online with the design tools you’ve come to know and love. Send it to print with the click of a button.

  • Many professionally designed templates
  • Integrates with WeCreate content

Step 2


Step 2

Then quickly convert your printed content into all of the digital formats you want to use. Send them off or post them in seconds.

  • Publish content used in the publication to text messages, emails, social media posts, and your website in minutes

Step 3


Step 3

Communication that reaches everyone creates connection. And connection leads to community engagement.

  • Now everyone can easily get the message, no matter what channels they prefer

This innovative new tool is 100% free

To LPi newsletter customers

With ePub Design you can

  1. Stop debating about if digital or print is more important — choose both!
  2. Immediately improve your communication with a unified message and professionally designed templates.
  3. Save money and time over using multiple programs for each communication tool.
  4. Be less stressed. One online tool, one process, one goal: reach everyone, every time.
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